Larry Sussman

My 2020 adventures include exploring the beauty of nearby River Hills. I found an Episcopal Church where I could park and then walk our dog. One house 8205 N. River Road has 6-foot-high statues of a dog, cat and a bird in its front yard, similar to the statues in Mary Nohl's yard in Fox Point. With its mansions and 5-acre wooded lots, River Hills resembles a rich, northern Wisconsin paradise. I also had time to write two fictional short stories. I hope that one is good enough for a reputable literary magazine to publish. It was fun creating worlds in which no one knew what social distancing meant. In addition, I have watched many movies on Turner Classic Movies. I especially liked those with Edward G. Robinson, who played a vicious gang leader in several and a henpecked husband in several others. We also have learned how to keep your meal hot and eatable after picking it up at Culver's and then rushing home to eat it. None of these adventures was especially noteworthy, but each helped me stay sane in what promises to be a long election year.