Jacqueline Faber Saxe

I completed a quilt that I had been working on for 14 years. It came out really lovely. I began to exercise every day with my partner and managed to loose 7 pounds. I have read more books and worked in the garden. Been in close contact with more friends and family using WhatsApp and Zoom. The remaining lectures for a course The Other Side of the Alps has continued with next week being the 28th and last. The course was all about Switzerland past and present.
I feel that COVID-19 brought out a good deal of creativity in problem solving. Being in Israel the problems were very different than those in the States. I was an epidemiologist in Florida before moving to Israel in 1983. I cringed at the denial of a serious problem early on. My concerns have come to pass. In Israel early on we were in lockdown. The number of cases fell and many people stopped taking precautions. We are now entering a new wave of cases. Until a vaccine is available the problem will continue. I am not sure how the amount of vaccinations available will be sufficient as it takes time to prepare. I am hopeful for the future.